Graffiti Korean Outfits

Graffiti Korean Outfits

 Graffiti is street art, drawings or simply lettering words written or painted on the walls that can be found on the outskirts of big cities. Increasingly, this street art can be seen on the walls of houses and even on the square and in the center of the world’s major cities.

 Nowadays, it is a recognized art, which more and more often amazes with its originality of texture and freedom of expression, unusual texture and bright colors.

This contemporary Art attracts contemporary designers, feeds their imaginations and pushes them to create new trends in contemporary fashion, new models and collaborations.

 More and more we are inspired by street graffiti art,
the store Harajuku Clothing presents an album collection Graffiti in which you will find an outfit for your taste and color. 

 Please choose excellent quality outfits with Korean Graffiti and Street Art graphic style, inspired by street art from the 90s and new designs from the 20s from the streets of South Korea such as Seoul and Busan. 

 We have collected the most interesting models in this bright street direction, hits of sales – clothes, namely T-shirts, blouses, sweatshirts and hoodies, trousers and jeans, shoes and accessories that fit this style. We recommend them to your viewing.



Very popular are products that resemble Spray Art, graffiti painted with spray or paint from a spray paint. These T-shirts and hoodies in our store Harajuku Clothing enjoy success and gets into our album BEST>>

Graffiti-themed products that have become bestsellers :


White Green T-shirt Graffiti Harajuku>>


White Green T-shirt Graffiti Harajuku

Korean Punk T-shirt>>

Korean Punk T-shirt

T-shirt Graffiti Pank Summer Korea>>


T-shirt Graffiti Pank Summer Korea

Street Japanese Tshirt Tokyo>>


Street Japanese Tshirt Tokyo


Loose Butterfly Graffiti T-shirt>>

Loose Butterfly Graffiti T-shirt


T-shirt Graffiti Print Hip Hop Smile>>


T-shirt Graffiti Print Hip Hop Smile


Short Long T-shirt Monsters>>


Short Long T-shirt Monsters



Harajuku Street Wear Punk Style>>


Harajuku Street Wear Punk Style


Graffiti Style T-shirt Long Sleeve>>


Graffiti Style T-shirt Long Sleeve

Harajuku Beige Black Sweatshirt Putover>>



Harajuku Beige Black Sweatshirt Putover


Japanese Black T-shirt Long White Sleeve>>


Japanese Black T-shirt Long White Sleeve

Blouse Long Sleeve Funny Graffiti>>


Blouse Long Sleeve Funny Graffiti

T-shirt Blouse Two Piece Long Sleeve>>

T-shirt Blouse Two Piece Long Sleeve



Sweatshirts and hoodies


Free Hoody Graffiti Plus Velvet>>


Free Hoody Graffiti Plus Velvet

Free Hoody Graffiti Plus Velvet 3>>


Free Hoody Graffiti Plus Velvet 3

Multicolor Hoodie Graphic Print>>


Multicolor Hoodie Graphic Print

Black Sweatshirt Graffiti Hip Hop>>


Black Sweatshirt Graffiti Hip Hop

Sweatshirt Hoodie Graffiti Print Harajuku>>


Sweatshirt Hoodie Graffiti Print Harajuku

Korean Sweatshirt New Harajuku>>


Korean Sweatshirt New Harajuku

Hip Hop Graffiti Hoodie Sweater>>


Hip Hop Graffiti Hoodie Sweater

 Hoodie Art Graffiti>>


Hoodie Art Graffiti


Pants and jeans


Purple White Pants Print Graffiti Japan>>



Purple White Pants Print Graffiti Japan

Graffiti Cargo Pants Elastic>>


Graffiti Cargo Pants Elastic

Pants Joggers Streetwear>>


Pants Joggers Streetwear

Graffiti Print Loose Cargo Pants>>


Graffiti Print Loose Cargo Pants

Stretch Jeans High Waist Graffiti>>


Stretch Jeans High Waist Graffiti

Street Jeans Punk Harajuku Graffiti>>


Street Jeans Punk Harajuku Graffiti


Check out also the Graffiti style shoes.



Sneakers Graffiti Massive Platform>>


Sneakers Graffiti Massive Platform

Holographic White Pink Mesh Sneakers>>


Holographic White Pink Mesh Sneakers

Platform 5 CM Bright Sneakers Harajuku>>


Platform 5 CM Bright Sneakers Harajuku




Strap Belt Hieroglyphics Canvas>>


Strap Belt Hieroglyphics Canvas

Harajuku Style Belt Canvas Hieroglyphs>>


Harajuku Style Belt Canvas Hieroglyphs

90s Socks Street Style Harajuku>>


90s Socks Street Style Harajuku

Baseball Cap Graphy Bat>>


Baseball Cap Graphy Bat

Black White Cap Hieroglyphs>>


Black White Cap Hieroglyphs

Acrylic Long Earrings Hieroglyphs >>


Acrylic Long Earrings Hieroglyphs


Nowadays, Graffiti Street Style is becoming more and more legal and can be seen more and more in various styles of clothing Hip Hop, Punk, Dark Matter New World, we believe that this style has every right to be considered a real art in expressing thoughts and feelings.


 See more in the album Graffiti >>

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